User Profiles

A CT3 User Tip

When he recently filled in for a co-worker, Steve Streissguth (Olympic Resource Management in Poulsbo), learned something about a User Profile that made it much more convenient. 

Since printer settings default by Accounting Zones, Steve was trying to be careful to reset printer IDs for every job when he switched Zones.  But when that phone rings . . . 

However, Steve found out about assigning his own default printer in User Profiles.  The Printer under your personal profile overrides the Accounting Zone default.  So, he didn't have to worry anymore about printer selections switching when he worked in the other Zone.

You will find "User Profile" on the System Control menu.  BTW, Bob is such a nice guy, we know you hate to hurt his feelings.  But if those goofy signon and signoff messages are starting to curl your toes, you can turn those off with your User Profile as well.  Don't worry - the wizard doesn't have to know.

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