Advances / Deducts

Unlimited Advances & Deducts, Reprint Capability

August,  1999 --  Due to some special payment requirements, Warm Springs Forest Products Industries needed expanded Contractor Payment capabilities.  Therefore, CT3 has installed the capacity to add and manage unlimited Advances and Deductions.  In addition, each Advance or Deduction may be established either at the Contractor level (i.e., applied to all of the Contractor's activity), or at the individual Contract level.  Finally, the  specific contractor payment details, including Advance recoveries and Deductions withheld, are stored for each Payment Control ID.  This information is stored in a number of new Payment History tables.  By retaining this detail, Warm Springs can reprint any Contractor Payment ID, at any time.  We are proud of the power and flexibility these changes provide and were glad to work with Warm Springs to develop more advanced Contractor Payment functionality.

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