A CT3 User Tip

Steve Streissguth mentioned something that he wished someone had explained back on the first day he worked with transmissions in CT3.   

Often when deliveries start up to a new destination, scalers aren't entering all the needed information on the tickets.  As a LMS User, you can fix this by editing the tickets when you receive the transmissions.  To begin this process, you proceed to one of the Transmission Edit/Post menus, and choose the Scale or Weight Ticket option.  A selection screen pops up and you can enter the ticket number you want to edit.  Now, here's the useful thing to know if you need to edit more than one ticket.  You can also select all of the tickets at once for a transmission, by Accounting zone.  Skip to the second line of the selection screen, labeled "AZ/Trans ID".  Enter the Accounting zone you are working in (it will show at the top of your screen, next to the date on the top right).  In the last field, choose the transmission from the help list.  The system will return with a screen showing the first ticket in the batch you selected.  You may make changes, accept the ticket, and then use the "Next" and "Prev" function keys to keep proceeding through the tickets in your selection.  Another option is to use the "List Selected" function key.  This will show you all of your zone's tickets in the Transmission.  This works particularly well if you just need to "pick" and edit a few tickets in the transmission.   Some of you may be relieved to know that you do not need to select each ticket, one by one, to edit.  Whew!

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