Directory Templates

A CT3 User Tip

We first noticed Marilyn Parker  (at Rayonier - Northwest Forest Resources) use this and thought it was pretty clever.

Entering Ticket Directory information for each Setting can take a little while.  Of course, once it's there, you can copy the directory information for use on any other Setting.  But remembering exactly what is on one Setting and whether it covers the bases for another one can be tough.  

Marilyn began a practice of creating Setting templates.  These Settings have an ID which make them stand out as obvious sample or "dummy" templates.  You might set up a dummy Setting for each Treefarm or for a particular contractor.  For example, perhaps a certain logger is always paid on weight, regardless of which destination.  Another logger may be paid on a combination of weight and scale, depending on destination.  With a template named for each logger or Treefarm, you don't have to think hard to decide which Setting to copy from.

If you keep expanding your templates as new destinations are added, soon it will be rare to have errors resulting from "no ticket directory".  So build them up -- extra directory lines won't slow performance.  

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