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CT3, Inc.
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Beaverton, OR 97008
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All software engineered by CT3 is developed using Speedware development tools.  Speedware is a 4th Generation Language and uses CASE technology.   All CT3 software is "Y2K" compliant.   CT3 software applications run in a stable and reliable operating environment that integrates products from world renown vendors.  

Platform / Architecture
Hewlett Packard 9000 server
HP-UX:  Unix operating system
Oracle relational database system 
TCP/IP network
PCs using WRQ Reflection terminal emulation software
ORBiT UNiBACK Software: UNIX backups

Software products are designed in discrete modules that allow your company to license and implement only those features that are required to support its current business needs. As these needs change, other modules may be added. Each module may be easily customized to meet special needs or support established practices.

CT3 systems are scalable.  They handle everything from a single office environment to one with multi-branched international operations that communicate over wide area networks.  Applications make efficient use of network resources -- traffic is low and will not significantly impact your other network applications.  The platform supports efficient, no fuss delivery of software enhancements.  Updates are simply loaded on the HP server and can be immediately available to all users.  

CT3 applications come with a built in Access Control System.  You control the menus, screens, routines, and other options that each user may access.  Work may be segmented into different accounting responsibility areas.  CT3 systems support centralized or decentralized organizations, as well as the transition from one organizational structure to another.  

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