Speedware Upgrade

CT3 rolling out Speedware Upgrades

August 30, 1999 -- Working with The Campbell Group in Portland, CT3 has begun the upgrade process to Speedware version 7.04.02.  These folks took the opportunity to upgrade to ORACLE 8.0.5 at the same time.  In coordination with our client's IT schedules, CT3 will continue rolling out the upgrades to other customers as well.   In some cases, the current version of ORACLE will also need to be upgraded, as Speedware 7.04 must work with ORACLE version 7.3.3 or higher.  However, most of our clients are in good shape in this regard.  

Now, users might ask what the benefits of version 7.04 are --other than the usual IT reasons to keep up with current technology.    As it turns out, there are several new features that users will notice.

Viewing "Screen Reports" -- Most users know they can send a report to the "screen" Printer ID.  This allows you to treat any report as an online inquiry.  Speedware 7.04 provides more flexibility in moving around to view the "report".  When the report returns to your screen and displays the first screen image, you now have extra options for navigating around.  These new options include going to the end of a report, the top or beginning of the report, paging forward and back, as well as entering the page number you want to review.  

Century Date Cut-off -- This is a "Y2K" aid.  Older versions of Speedware assume that when you enter "00" for the year, you mean "1900".  Although you can avoid the problem by keying in "2000" for the year, few keystrokes are always nice.  Version 7.04 lets CT3 enter a cut-off year for interpreting the century.  So, if you enter a cut-off year of "80", the two-digits years of "80 - 99" will be interpreted as "1980 - 1999".  The remaining range of "00 - 79" will then be read as "2000 - 2079".

Sorting selection lists -- this new version also makes it much easier to provide intelligent sorting of selection lists, particularly in the case of "nested" selections that use more than one parameter.  Say you want a list of sales contracts, but you only want to see the contracts for a particular customer.  It is now simpler to order the list selected so that (as an example), the most recent contracts are at the top of the listing.  We know our customers will soon suggest more opportunities to take advantage of this feature.

Dynamic Links to ORACLE -- Speedware version 7.04 accesses ORACLE in a different and more efficient manner.  Users may notice this as it takes less time to compile new releases and updates.  So, the first time you access that modified or new screen, it will take significantly less time "compiling . . ." than in the past.

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