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Good management relies on trustworthy information.  Extensive reporting capabilities insure that LMS is a true management system.  A database is of no use without the ability to selectively extract and organize data into meaningful reports and inquiries.  LMS fully supports a user friendly reporting process. 

Over 100 launch screens can be used to zero in on the type of management information you need.  Report screens are grouped by the type of information they contain (Sales, Production, Financial, etc.).  Reports also differ in format and the level of summarization versus detail.  However, every report screen has numerous selection options.  Drop down help lists make it easy for an occasional user to make choices about selection criteria.  By changing parameters, users can produce a virtually unlimited number of reports.  With LMS, you do not have to become a database or query expert to make full use of your software investment.

Summary & Detail Reporting

Sales realization, cost and volumetric information is stored at summary and detail levels to facilitate both standard and ad hoc reporting flexibility.

Reports may be produced at a number of summarization levels including Setting, Harvest Unit, Treefarm, Operating Area, Management Region and Management Zone.

Reporting Flexibility

Data may be selected for a report using a variety of criteria including Date Range, Fiscal Periods, Summary level,  Source and Destination.

Many reports have formatting options that are controlled at the time they are initiated. For example, a single report may show Species, Grade, and Log Sort, or any combination of them.

Report Delivery

Reports can be sent to any network configured on the network

Any report can be turned into an inquiry by simply setting the Printer to "screen"

Reports can be sent to files for import into other applications

Production Reports

contain extensive volume, statistical, mix, and cost information.

provide the ability to track delivery information for all loads

provide online access to historical production data

Production Reports include:

Supplier costs for stumpage and purchased logs

Contractor expenses for "On Board Truck", and hauling activities

Ticket book audits and exception reporting

Log quality

Lengths and diameters - preferred lengths or ranges 

Setting (brand) summary reporting - cost and volume

Load control and measurement ticket listings

"Cut-out" volumes and production mix 

Actual to planned volume variances

Shipment & Sales Reports

Woods Direct Sales reporting includes:

Activity summaries by source and/or destination

Summaries for Stumpage versus Log Sales

Sales volumes and mix with realizations, contract costs, and log costs

Product summaries by destination with realizations, direct costs, and margins

Exception reporting for Uninvoiced Loads

Sales by Sales Contract

Inventory Sales reporting includes:

Shipment volumes by any combination of Sort, Species, and Grade. 

Length & diameter reporting

Shipment Line-ups showing actual volumes for component (Decks, Rafts, etc.)

Customer notifications by Vessel with subtotals by Lot, or for debarked volume.

Shipments or their components can be listed log by log, or in summarized form

Shipment Recaps by Inventory Owner and Location

FAS Sales Basis reporting

Exception Reporting for Uninvoiced Shipments

Financial Sales Reporting (Woods Direct and Inventory)

Sales by Market and Species

Sales by Customer and Invoice

Sales ranking by Price

Washington State Business & Operations (B&O) Sales Tax reporting

Inventory Reports

Total, Available or Committed Inventory
summaries of logs by user selected criteria
log detail for logs chosen using user criteria
"What-If" Sales Reporting
Financial "Book" Inventory 
Inventory Balances - volume and costs
Detailed Activity - additions, transfers, and removals
Inventory Transfer reconciliation
Summarized Period changes - volume and costs
Automatic calculation of Inventory reserves
Exception reporting for Inbound and Outbound Yard Tickets - optional

Financial Reports

Period Closing Reports

Sales Accrual Reports

Inventory Roll and Cost Reports

Block Margins (Timber Tract margins)

Appraisal vs. Actual Margin reporting

Invoice Registers

Advance & Deduction History
Advance & Deduction Account Analysis
Timber Tax reports and State Returns
Account Distribution and Journal Entry Reports

Table Listings: Audit or file listings are available for all tables maintained in the CT3 systems.  

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