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Buying logs is a competitive business.  Providing excellent service to your suppliers can make a crucial difference to your log supply.  Being able to react quickly to market changes is critical for your profit margins.  The Log Procurement module in LMS supports both these objectives -- with the ability to quickly update Price Lists, easily create complex Log Purchase Agreements, and smoothly execute payment settlements.  

When you create a Log Purchase Agreement in LMS, you produce a professional document that is easy to understand.  Agreements capture everything you need to price out logs and calculate split payments.  Update your Price Lists, and generate pricing amendments frequently to notify your suppliers of changes.  Set up Vendor Distribution lists to mail letters that inform Suppliers of yard closures or changes in specifications (Users determine the content of each notification).  Assist your suppliers by calculating and issuing split payments.  Splits can be based on an unlimited combination of methods -- percentages, sub-contracts, flat amounts, or even holdout amounts for specific loads.  Issue payments with backup on your promised schedule.  Each participant receives enough information, and only the information, needed to verify the accuracy of their settlement.  Timely communication and reliable payments will help you hold on to those valuable supplier relationships.

Log Procurement Features:

Price Lists 
May be associated with multiple Agreements (i.e., enter same prices once)
Effective Date ranges
May be based on Delivery Destination, Product, Log Sort, Species, Grade, Length, and Diameter. 
Different units of measure
Default lists can be used for fall-down or mis-delivered logs
May be printed in order of value

Log Purchase Agreements & Payments
Produce a business document (short form contract) for signature - include Agreement specifications and Comments
Establish up to 99 split payments or "cuts" for various participants out of the gross payment 
Split instructions or methods may be used in unlimited combinations and include:
Percent of gross
Percent of balance
Sub-contract (Rates per Unit of Measure)
Holdout Amount per Load (each Load may be unique)
Percent or Rate until a Dollar Cap is reached
Remaining Balance
Advance Recovery by individual Split Participant 
Payment Deduction (or retention), by individual Split Participant 
based on Percentage 
based on Rate
Effective Date range (Pricing amendments can be issued within effective dates of Agreement)
Run mass printings of Agreements with updated Prices
Use Vendor Lists to notify selected Suppliers of Price changes, Yard Closures, etc. - you write the text!

Agreements may cover logs harvested from multiple Settings

Harvest, Slash, or Scaling permit numbers may be  recorded for each Setting to help fulfill various State reporting requirements.

Gross Payment and Split Payment adjustments issued

Payment frequency determined by user

Split Payment reconciliation worksheet automatically produced with each Payment batch

Payment backup for each Split Participant is comprehensive - based on need to know, and well organized 

System Interfaces
Issue Check Requests to Accounts Payable System
Advance Payment requests
Log Procurement Payments
Account Distribution Reports
Custom interfaces to your Accounts Payable and /or General Ledger system

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