Line Hopping

A CT3 User Tip

Here's a tip from the wizard himself (for the uninitiated, A.K.A. Bob Franz).  Not even everyone at CT3 knew this one!

In addition to the block type screens used to enter contract or ticket header information, we use a number of "linear" type screens.  These are the more detailed, line by line type screens.  Examples of linear screens are rate lines on a contract, ticket directory lines, individual logs on a scale ticket, or comment lines on an invoice or agreement.  Most users use the "List Selected" function key to pick a particular line they want to modify.  This works fine.  However, Bob pointed out that there is often a quicker way.  

The next time you are on a linear screen, notice the word "Next?" at the bottom of the screen.  The reason it is there is because you can actually hop around within a screen by typing a line number.  So if you are looking at a bunch of comment lines, just enter the number of lines you want to jump down, to place the cursor on the line you need to correct.  And even if there are pages and pages of lines, you can still use this trick.  Only the lines within the current screen count.  So don't worry, if you have paged down to the 3rd page, you don't have to figure that it must be the, uh,  . . 19th line you want.  Just type the number of the line within the current page.  Neat one, huh?  Let's hear it for less keystrokes!

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