Ticket Types

A CT3 User Tip

Rick Robbers (Olympic Resource Management in Poulsbo), told us that when he learned about using different ticket types to add Invoice Loads -  Woods Direct Invoicing got a whole lot easier to match with Customer payments.

"Ticket Type", the first field in the Invoice Loads screen, automatically defaults to "T" for Trip Ticket (or Load Control Ticket).  However, Customer backup doesn't always cite your load numbers.  But usually they do give some kind of ticket information.  When this is available, you have a number of options for trying to match up loads with their documents.  By changing the Ticket type to any of the following, you can use different ticket numbers to add loads.

T      Trip              Load Receipt Ticket

L      Long log       Westside Scale Ticket

S      Short log      Eastside Scale Ticket

W     Weight         Weight Ticket

G      Generated    Generated Ticket

So before you despair, check to see if those odd numbers might match with one of these ticket types.  If so, matching Invoice --> Payment loads will be a piece of cake.

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