Formula Dates

A CT3 User Tip

Speedware provides some shortcuts for entering some widely used dates.  These shortcuts take the form of brief formulas that immediately convert to regular calendar dates in input screens.  A simple example is "by", which means "beginning of year".  So if you are setting up a contract with an effective date of January 1, 1999, entering "by" will fill in "01011999" automatically (our date editing will show this as "01/01/1999").  Or, if you are not sure about today's date, just type in "bd".

Assuming that today is August 30, 1999, the following formulas will produce these results:

bd      08/30/1999                          ed      08/30/1999

bm     08/01/1999                          em      08/31/1999

by      01/01/1999                          ey       12/31/1999

So why are these called date "formulas"?  Well, you can actually do some simple date arithmetic with them.  So, if you are a little anxious* about entering a certain "Y2K" date, try the following.

          by + 1   

*Please don't be nervous.  CT3 software is fully Y2K compliant.   Really!

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