Fantasia Replacement

Replacing Fantasia

August,  1999 -- CT3 uses a forms generator called Fantasia to produce some of the documents that require fancy formatting or line drawing (Invoices and Log Purchase Agreements).  Fantasia is a distinct piece of software and is not part of Speedware.  Therefore, CT3 users are required to pay annual maintenance fees for Fantasia and also to manage another layer of software.  

We are happy to announce that Kevin has found a way to produce these same formats with specialized commands embedded within our Speedware code.  The commands use "PCL" or Printer Command Language to send advanced instructions to the printer.   We can use the PCL commands to meet the same requirements that Fantasia has previously fulfilled.  

CT3 can now begin working with our clients to schedule changes and implement the code to replace Fantasia.  Kevin's new printer commands are currently in Beta testing at Olympic Resource Management in Poulsbo.  The transition in Poulsbo has gone very smoothly during August, and we would like to thank Olympic for their help in testing this new capability.

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