CT3 Exposure Management & Accounts Receivable System

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The CT3 Exposure Management System (EMS), combines the functionality of a traditional Accounts Receivable System with an expanded ability to monitor Credit Exposure.  Because EMS is fully integrated with the CT3 Log Management System, exposure reporting includes not only Accounts Receivable activity, but valuations of volumes "still in the pipeline" -- loads delivered, but not yet invoiced.  This provides a more timely and complete assessment of credit exposure, giving managers the option to act before risky credit situations become problems.

In addition, EMS can be used to support Accounts Receivable functions and Exposure Reporting in multiple Currencies.  Cash Receipts, Invoices, and Applications, are marked with a Currency type (e.g., U. S. versus Canadian dollars). Aging Reports clearly separate items and fund totals between currencies.  Exposure reporting can be generated in terms of a selected currency. For example, credit limits and exposure amounts may be expressed either in terms of Canadian dollars or U. S. dollars.  In one system, EMS can support multi-national operations.  

Transaction Records
Cash Receipts
Bank Deposits
Trade Invoices (Log & Timber Invoices from LMS)
Miscellaneous Invoices 
Cash Applications
Adjustments and Write-Offs

Proforma Valuations
Uninvoiced Loads (Direct deliveries from the Woods)
Uninvoiced Inventory Shipments



Individual Credit Information and Credit Limit

Ability to define individual Payment Schedule

May associated Customer with "standard" Currency (used for on-line warnings for transactions, standard currency may be overridden on specific transactions)

May associate with a "Parent" Company

May record Credit "footnotes" 

May record "Other Exposure Items" 


Exposure Reporting

Summarizes both A/R Transactions and Proforma Valuations

Exposure compared with Customer Credit Limits 

Payment Analysis based on Customer's Payment Schedule

Exposure Reporting can be generated in terms of selected Currency

Combined Exposure Reporting for Customers with same "Parent" Company

Customer Exposure History

Company wide basis, or by organization level, Customer, Client, Fund /Trust, or Credit Zone

Accounts Receivable Reporting
A/R Aging with user defined Aging categories
A/R Balances "as of" selected date
Currencies identified on all transactions
Detail and Totals clearly separated for each Currency
A/R Ledger 
A/R Reconciliation
Customer Activity for selected Fiscal Periods
Cash Application Log
Bank Deposit Log

General Ledger Entries
Journal Entries for all Transactions
Account Distribution Reports
Custom interface to your General Ledger system

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