Diameters & Lengths

A CT3 User Tip

If you set up Purchase Agreements and/or Contracts with Rate lines, this might be a good tip for you.  Visualize a price or rate line.  At the end or right side of the line, there are fields for diameter and length ranges.  The default values range from "1" to "120", which is interpreted by LMS to mean all top diameters and/or all log lengths.  However, when pricing at the log level, the rates might be different for various dimensions.  So, you may need to enter something like "9" and "11", for 9-11 inches in diameter.  Most users type in the "9", and then end up spacing out the rest of the field.  They hit the space bar because the field is pre-filled with a "1" or "120", and they don't want to end up with something like "91".  To avoid this can be a little awkward, because you may be jumping from the number keypad, to the space bar, and then back to the numbers again.  

Barbara Boyd at Weyerhaeuser pointed out a much more efficient way of entering these number ranges.  If you need to enter a "9" for nine inches, key in "009".  This way, your hand can continue resting on the number keypad, and your keystrokes are smoother.   Speedware will interpret this just fine, and you will end up with a single "9" in the field.  For 9-11 inches, just enter 009, 011 in the two consecutive fields.  It may sound a little funny.  But try it and you will see that entering rate lines with dimensions, becomes much easier.   Thanks Barbara!

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