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The ability to meet and manage your financial obligations to your  Contractors is mandatory.  Use the CT3 Log Management System to implement an efficient and controlled Payment process based on Contracts that provide great flexibility in the calculation and timing of payments.  

Contractors are identified as vendors.  Contracts are then used to authorize payments for each setting a Contractor works on.   Contract rates establish the Rate of Pay for each function the Contractor performs during a set time frame.  Multiple Contractors can be paid for different types of activity on the same job or setting, each with their own Contract arrangements.  

Payment adjustments may be established and automatically tracked within LMS.  An unlimited number of payment deductions can be established.  A specific deduction may be withheld from all of a Contractor's jobs, or just from certain individual Contracts.  Unlimited advance payments may be issued and automatically recovered from contract payments as well.

Contractor payment activity is recorded for each load of logs that is produced.  As load measurement data is captured, preliminary contractor payments can be reviewed and edited as many times as desired before finalizing.  Edits identify loads with missing contract  or measurement information, so errors can be resolved quickly.  A fully automated payment process is completed by electronically interfacing finalized transactions to your Accounts Payable and/or General Ledger  systems.  

Contractor Payment Features:

User-defined functions (e.g., Cut, Fall & Buck, Yard & Load, Haul, Full Contractor, etc.)
Multiple contracts may be defined for each Setting or job
Contract Rates may be based on Destination, Product, Truck Type, Log Sort, Species, Grade, Length, and Diameter. 
Effective Date ranges
Unlimited number of  Payment Deductions and Advance Recoveries 
by contractor 
by contract
Hauling activities may be paid on a different measurement basis than "On-Board-Truck (OBT)" services 
Log (OBT) and Haul rates may be combined on payment backup (if same destination, same unit of measure), or shown separately
Hauling costs are retained separately from "On-Board-Truck" costs, making it easier to identify the impact of destination changes on actual costs.


Payment backup is comprehensive and well organized 

Payment frequency and scope is determined by the users

Payments automatically withheld for specific contractors,  contracts, or loads using control flags.

Payment adjustments issued

System Interfaces
Issue Check Requests to Accounts Payable System
Advance Payment requests
Refunds for Amounts withheld
Contractor Payments
Create Journal Entries for General Ledger System
Account Distribution Reports
Custom interfaces to your Accounts Payable and /or General Ledger system

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