Automatic Weight Explosion

Automatic Weight Explosion

June,  2000 -- Most of CT3's customers generate their management reports based on Scribner volumes (i.e., the "production" unit of measure).  However, they also choose to simply weigh some lower value loads where all the logs have the same general characteristics.  In the past, Users needed to run a "Factor Application" Routine in order to get production, or scribner volumes, from the "weighed only" loads.  The Routine uses already established sample bases to apply factors to weighed loads.  It then generates "exploded weight logs" with Scribner boardfeet.  

Weyerhaeuser's Oregon Timberlands group asked CT3 if there was a way to "automate" this process.  Production volumes (in this case, exploded volumes), are required before weighed loads can be proforma'd, invoiced or counted as closed production volume at month-end.  Users sometimes get caught because they forget to run the Factor Application, and so have to stop what they are doing, and run the Routine before they can continue.  So CT3 gave Weyerhaeuser an option to automatically explode weighed loads at the time weight tickets are entered manually, or when they are brought in as part of an electronic weight transmission.  Given that the appropriate sample factors already exist for the current Fiscal period, weight tickets can be exploded as soon as they are captured in LMS.  If the right sample factors do not exist, Users still receive a report that indicates what type of sample base needs to be established.  Once this is done, the old manual Factor Application can be run, as in the past.   In start up situations, the Automatic Factor Application can also be turned off until Users have a chance to set up all their Sample Bases.  When they are ready, they can first run a manual Factor Application, and then going forward, set their Weight Ticket Rules to "Auto Explode".  Thanks Weyerhaeuser, for suggesting a new and more efficient way to make sure those weight tickets are exploded ASAP.  

Note as of 03/01:  This capability can also be extended to other types of Sample Factors.  Such as exploding Piece Counts, Loads, or Cube Measurements to Scribner volumes.  Please see our Log Measurement page for more ideas and details.

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