Weyerhaeuser Washington Implementation


Weyerhaeuser launches LMS in Washington

January,  2001 --  Weyerhaeuser has successfully completed the first implementation of CT3's Log Management System (LMS), in Washington State.  Weyerhaeuser has used LMS to support Timberlands Operations in Oregon since 1995.  Last year, Weyerhaeuser chose to standardize their Log Accounting & Management systems by selecting LMS as the single solution for supporting their combined Washington and Oregon business.   Weyerhaeuser's Longview Operation implemented the system in January 2001.  This Spring, CT3 and Weyerhaeuser will roll out LMS to the Cascade, Twin Harbors, and Vail Areas as well.  

The last quarter of 2000 was a busy time for CT3.  The majority of functions required to support Weyerhaeuser in Washington, were already present in Oregon's version of LMS.  However,  Washington places an emphasis on the Export business, while Oregon does not.  Therefore, software enhancements were made to support the larger, combined implementation.  As a result, LMS now supports a greater range of Inventory operations, Shipments, Log Procurement activities, Measurement types and Sampling programs.  In the course of the project, CT3 also added custom features that bolster Weyerhaeuser's particular business procedures. Happily, this continuing and strategic partnership has expanded the working assets of both companies.  

Congratulations to the combined Washington and Oregon project team on their first big success.  Special recognition goes to the experienced LMS users who led the way in project planning, helped to smooth out the usual implementation bumps, and graciously gave their time to train new users.  And a big salute to all those new users who were open to change and worked hard to master a new system quickly.  It has been an impressive effort to date and CT3 has enjoyed being a part of the team!

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