West to East Conversion

Short log Scribner Conversion

July,  2000 --  One of CT3's clients, U. S. Timberlands, is based in Klamath Falls.  Given their location in the Southern-most part of Oregon, U. S. Timberlands bases their management and financial reporting on Short log (20 foot segments), or "Eastside" Scribner Scale.   However, some of their loads are delivered to locations where logs are scaled in Long log (Westside) Scribner scale.  It is expensive to scale the logs both ways, and often, that option is not even available.  Therefore, CT3 has developed some routines to automatically generate an Eastside Scale ticket when only Westside Scribner information is available.

Conversion Rules are set up under User Parameters.  These are used to define the critical West to East Conversion variables such as taper factors, and the type of volume deduction method (e.g., dimension versus square deducts).  Different sets of conversion rules can be associated with each Westside delivery Destination.  Once the conversion rules are established, Users can use a "single ticket" utility to convert a single Westside ticket to an Eastside ticket.  The other option is to set a flag on a given Destination to "Auto Convert West Scale".  When this option is selected, a Westside Transmission is posted and Eastside Scale tickets are automatically created for the appropriate Destinations.  Good-bye to double scaling, or manual conversions and hand keying Eastside tickets!

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