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User Tips

We thought it would be neat to publish User Tips.  Hopefully, we can accumulate a number of them before the year is out.  To help us get started, some of our users suggested some good ones.  We'd like to thanks these folks, and would love to hear from more of our users about their favorite features.  We don't always get to work firsthand with everyone, and we sometimes forget how much there is to know about our software.  Our Users always remind us there is usually more than one way to accomplish something.  Here are some of the better ways.

Entering Diameters & Lengths (Barbara Boyd, Weyerhaeuser)
Ticket Directory Templates (Marilyn Parker, NWFR)
Formula Dates in Speedware
Line Hopping on Linear Screens
Ticket Types on Invoices  (Rick Robbers, ORM)
User Profiles  (Steve Streissguth, ORM)
Working with Transmissions  (Steve Streissguth, ORM)

                  Please send us your tips!

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