Letters & Price Revisions


Mailings to Log Suppliers

March,  2001 --  Log prices often change rapidly with market conditions.  Log Buyers need to get the word out quickly - sometimes to encourage more deliveries, sometimes to slow things down.  The Log Purchase Agreement module already included the ability to generate price revision updates to suppliers with current Agreements (Purchase Orders).   However, Weyerhaeuser recently requested that CT3 expand this notification feature.    

LMS can now be used to produce mass mailings for any user-defined distribution list.  A Letter and Price Revision page can be sent to anyone set up as a vendor (i.e., name and address information), in LMS.  A distribution (vendor) list is established and a letter can then be sent to every vendor on that list.  The user decides what the content of the letter is, and how they want the letter to look. This opens the mass mailing feature up to the possibility of sending out any kind of general notification (e.g., yard closure or holiday schedule).  When a new Price Revision page is also created, the vendor list can be used to send prices to anyone.  This is true whether that vendor has ever had an Agreement with your company or not.  Thus, price notifications can automatically be created and mailed to prospective vendors too.  In a business where fast communication is critical, LMS users now have another valuable tool to speed them on their way.

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