Sample Pool Logs


Pool Logs for Piece Count Samples

February,  2001 --  Since Weyerhaeuser implemented CT3's system in Washington, they have been able to create Scribner Scale Explosions based on piece counts and a sample base of Pool Logs (see Piece Sample Explosions and Log Measurement pages also).  However, the pool logs had to be transferred from Weyerhaeuser's old system at start-up, since there was not yet any log data in LMS.  You guessed it - a typical system conversion issue.  Given that Weyerhaeuser  is now  processing loads for Washington, CT3 has developed utilities to build the Sample bases by accumulating Pool Logs from regular LMS production data.

Piece Sample Bases are created by accumulating logs with Scribner Scale log detail.  Log Pools are collected using some combination of criteria that may include the source of the logs (Treefarm), Destination (where they were delivered), Log Species, Log Sort, Dimensions (length & diameter), and date range.  Once initiated, more logs can be added to the same Sample Pool periodically to keep it representative of current production.  An existing Sample Pool can also be modified with a CT3 utility using the same criteria.  Or, an Individual log (or logs), can be removed from an existing Sample Pool.  This might be done if the log does not closely fit the characteristics that the Sample Base is meant to represent.  With the new Pool Log utilities in place, Piece Count Sample bases can be created automatically in LMS - as with every other Sample Base used in LMS (e.g., Weight, Cube, or Load). 

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