Log System Project wins Award


Weyerhaeuser Project wins PMI Award

March,  2002 --  The Puget Sound Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) sponsors an annual "Project of the Year" award for its members.  Weyerhaeuser's Western Log System project has won the PMI Award for projects completed in 2001.  This project implemented log accounting systems for financial transactions, production accountability and inventory control for the Western Timberlands Group.  CT3's Log Management System provided the core functionality for the new infrastructure.  Indeed, the implementation of CT3's System replaced the essential functionality of the legacy system and incorporated 33 new business standardization practices that helped to streamline accounting processes and reduce costs.  The project closed on time and ten percent under budget.  As a member of the project team, CT3 is pleased to share this recognition with the Western Log System project team for the completion of this complex and successful project.

The PMI Award was presented at the March 11th meeting of PMI's Puget Sound Chapter to Joe Kresse, Weyerhaeuser project manager.  As a regional winner, the Western Log System project is now in competition for the national PMI Project of the Year award.  The Project Management Institute is the world's leading professional project management association, supporting over 86,000 members in 125 countries.  PMI's most prestigious award, the PMI Project of the Year, is awarded to an outstanding project and the project team involved, for superior performance and execution of exemplary project management.

Weyerhaeuser's Western Timberlands Group is now using CT3's Log Management System to manage the log production activities on approximately 2 million acres of timberland in Oregon and Washington, log procurement activities for 4 sawmills and a log merchandising operation, and to maintain log inventories at several export facilities.

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