Deck Management & Costing


Inventory Costing by Deck

January,  2002 --  LMS now includes Deck Management and Cost Allocation modules that   calculate and report inventory balances in volumes and dollars by Deck. Various reports can be used to track Additions to Decks, Deck Transfers, and Cut Out or Usage Activity. Deck costs may include both direct payment costs, and allocated costs, thereby deriving fully absorbed inventory values. These costs are accumulated in individual Inventory Decks as logs are added, and then costs are relieved as logs are removed.

Tight control and valuable information are benefits achieved by utilizing the Deck Management and Costing modules:
Log Decks may be established for each Log Yard.  Acceptable log characteristics can be defined for each Deck and log scale edit reports identify logs added to specific Decks that do not meet these criteria. 
Deck volumes and Costs can be reported in a variety of ways, including a Length / Diameter Profile (matrix format). Users can report volumes in Scribner Boardfeet or Cubic Feet. Costs can be shown as dollar amounts or as rates.
Allocated Cost Rates can be established by Log Source (Setting, Brand, vendor, etc.) and Log Yard to apply accrual or amortization costs to Deck Inventory, such as Reforestation, Timber Taxes, Road Amortization, Overhead, Scaling, or Log Handling.
Allocated Costs are automatically applied as logs are added to Decks.  They can also be reapplied during the month if, after review, adjustments are needed.
Removals from Decks can be relieved by log tag number, or by a number of physically observed approximations such as number of pieces, boardfoot volume, cubic volume, or lineal footage.  Either a LIFO or FIFO methodology may be used.
Removals can be reported and summarized for any period by Disposal Code (Sales, Transfers, Usage, etc.), or Mill Usage Cut Run.

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