Canadian Operations

Metric Scale & Multiple Currencies

March,  2000 --  CT3 has added the capabilities to support log and timber operations in Canada.  This includes the ability to capture and process Metric scale, and to tag transactions in separate currencies.  Metric functionality was developed for Olympic Resource Management (ORM), and has been fully integrated with ORM's existing implementation. Prior to these modifications, all of ORMís use of CT3 software had been for volumes harvested in the U. S. and was based on Scribner scale. The new Metric functionality includes the ability to:

  1. receive transmissions of B. C. Metric volumes,
  2. make Contractor Payments based on M3 (cubic meters),
  3. create Invoices using metric volumes that also include Canadian GST taxes, and
  4. report production and sales activity in Metric volumes and rates on a $/M3 basis (Canadian dollars per cubic meter).

In addition to expanding the range of the Log Management System (LMS), ORM asked CT3 to augment the Exposure Management System (EMS). EMS can now be used to process Accounts Receivable transactions and generate Exposure reports in multiple currencies. Cash Receipts, Invoices, and Applications, are marked with a Currency type (e.g., U. S. versus Canadian dollars). Aging Reports clearly separate items and fund totals between currencies.  Exposure reporting can be generated in terms of a selected currency. For example, credit limits and exposure amounts may be expressed either in terms of Canadian dollars or U. S. dollars.

CT3 would like to thank Steve Streissguth, project lead, for coordinating ORMís implementation of the LMS and EMS modifications to support the Canadian operations. His careful attention to detail helped insure that ORMís enhancements were integrated smoothly. By combining U. S. Scribner and Canadian Metric functionality within the same software, ORM is now able to conduct log accounting activities for both countries from the same office. This has allowed them to benefit from the CT3 experience already possessed by their current staff.

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