Automatic Ticket Adjustments


Yea - making Corrections just got easier!

February,  2002 --  You hate it when this happens.  You finalize a payment batch, the backup has not even finished printing, and you get a phone call that tells you that a price or contract rate needs to be revised.  Worse, you get a retroactive change for loads that were paid last month!  As an experienced LMS user you know how to correct all this, but you also know you need to set aside some time to create the needed adjustment tickets.  Good News:  CT3 has developed utilities to create automatic Adjustment Tickets.

One of two new Ticket Utilities can be used to make adjustments depending on the type of correction needed:  
For the simpler case, adjustment tickets can be generated to adjust dollar amounts in the current open Fiscal Period.   Enter the incorrect (original) Load ID in the Adjusting Amount utility, and it automatically creates a credit amount adjustment, and releases the original measurement ticket so it can be re-paid at the correct prices or rates.
For corrections in prior Fiscal Periods, or where tickets have been incorrectly identified to the wrong Setting or Destination, adjusting volume tickets can be generated.  This utility:
 replaces the original ticket volume with a generated ticket (with volumes summarized by log sort, species, and grade, and still associated with the original Fiscal Period), 
creates a credit volume ticket in the current Period (also in the form of a generated ticket), and 

releases the original measurement ticket so it can be re-paid.  

In addition to making corrections much easier, these utilities provide another benefit.  When correcting loads with log scale detail -- using the actual measurement ticket to finally correct the load ensures that any pricing on lengths or diameters calculates correctly.  In the past, this has sometimes been tricky when making manual corrections using only generated tickets.


Note to our current users:  If you think this functionality would be useful to your organization, please give us a call.  CT3 would be happy to incorporate it into your system.

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Last modified: March 22, 2002