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Welcome to our website.  CT3, Inc. was established in 1992 to meet the business and software needs of the Timber and Wood Products Industry.  CT3 provides packaged software products, consulting services, custom software development, implementation assistance, and on-going support and services.  The company is run by highly qualified Management and Software professionals, who can assist in developing, implementing, and supporting your Log Management software systems and procedures.  CT3 cofounders, Steve Hall and Bob Franz, have over 40 years combined experience in the industry.  Indeed, each member of CT3's staff has a minimum of ten years of direct experience in developing and improving Log and Timber Information Systems.  

Packaged Software Products

LMS Log Management System - is a comprehensive, modular software solution designed to meet the management and log accounting needs of Timber and Wood Products companies. The movement and measurement of logs is tracked throughout the harvest, inventory and shipment process. Detailed Production, Cost, Sales, Revenue, Inventory, Shipment, and Harvest Tax information is maintained from multiple operations, management areas and states.  See LMS Overview.

EMS Exposure Management System - is an Accounts Receivable system in which traditional cash, invoice, and cash application activity is recorded, then combined with log delivery and shipment data from LMS to produce comprehensive credit exposure reports.  Transactions can be created in multiple currencies, with clear distinctions for different funds on reports.   See A/R-Credit Exposure.


Given our depth of experience and broad user base, CT3 can advise you about the "best practices" currently employed in the industry.

We have successfully worked with and trained users possessing a wide range of background and skills - from new hires with no experience to highly skilled experts.  CT3 tailors consulting, training, and user support accordingly.

We are proud of our relationship with our clients, and our customers are eager to share their experiences with you.

Custom Software Development

CT3 has developed custom software for the majority of our current clients.  Customized work has ranged in scope from reporting enhancements to whole new  systems.  

CT3 Staff is experienced in systems analysis and project management.  We work with your staff to develop project costs, implementation plans, training schedules, and to assess needs for on-going support.

Implementation Assistance

CT3 assists you in developing conversion plans that will "smooth" your transition to the new system.

Package implementations are completed in weeks, not months.

Every CT3 system has been successfully implemented and every system is still in use today.

On-going Support and Services

Software enhancements or custom software are usually bid on a fixed price basis, or they may be based on a contracted maintenance rate.  

Temporary Log Accounting services may be provided at an hourly rate.

Check out "What's New" for new CT3 developments and User tips.

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